Welcome to BET-Master.com

Hi, my name is Steve Davidson.

After many years running www.winningmore.com I have learnt a lot of what the modern day punter is after. Also just as importantly what he or she doesn't have... time.

Strange, as betting is seen as a hobby or past time. Yet many people don't have to time to study the form, or follow systems that they may have purchased. Some would say it is akin to sending someone to a movie then asking them for a review.

However we realise to many it is the thrill of making money, and to some it is doing the pain staking form. And others it is the adrenlin rush of seeing your selection flash past the post hopefuly in first or in laying last.

If you are in the last two groups, of study form and the adrenlin rush, then Bet Master is definitely not suited to you. As we do the work and place the bets according to the instructions you have set up, you collect and have a life.

So here at Bet Master it is our aim to make life simplier and less busy for the time poor bettor. Imagine going out to golf or fishing. Or maybe going to the game with the lads, and then coming home check the computer see whats been backed or laid and counting the cash. That is the aim of Bet Master.

Our aim is to have automated betting on both UK and Australian racing, and as liquidly improves we will look at US and South Africa.

We are also looking for methods that may need up to the minute monitoring before a race starts in order to find the selection to either back or lay. These are things we realise the people that hold regular jobs can not do. We have had experience with betting software over the last year and realise that a lot out there have short falls.

We people based around the world Bet Master operates 24 hours a day, so if you are fast asleep in London and you are betting on Australia, it happens... if you are in Sydney and are betting in the UK or Ireland it happens. You have your own team of turf investment people doing the best to make you a profit in this world of racing.

As the 4.20 pm from Galway, Ireland starts you maybe in Melbourne, Australia asleep as it is only 3.20am the next day, however if the Bet Master has a selection, you know the bet will be placed at the odds and stake you have set.

If you are on holiday in Spain and the 1.50 from Newmarket jumps and we have selection, you are on it. As we say you get on with life and we get on with making it possible.

And you only have to select the odds range and stake once when setting up the account and that's it. You can edit it anytime you like.

If you love racing, and want to be able to invest in the races during the week and weekends then Bet Master is made for you.

It gives you a life away from the computer, and bets when you can't. It also takes away the urge to have stupid bets when you are waiting for better propositions to race.

There is often better betting propositions during the week than Saturdays, as Saturdays are often very competitive, and many owners want there horses running then so they can watch.

So as our Slogan says. Bet Master, Masters Betting, Without You! You get the return of money and a life!

You can still bet yourself, however you know that Bet Master is using selection systems and proven methods to return you a profit. Whilst this is gambling and the past does not equal the future, we are always looking to improve the returns to our clients. There will be months when a loss is incurred it will happen however it is our intention to grow your accounts.

About BET-Master.com

Bet Master is a Web Based automated betting software, that bets on your account at Betfair. Yes you need a Betfair account to user Bet Master. If you life in a country that bans Betting exchanges like the USA then you can not use Bet Master.

So what is Web Based Automated Betting Software?

It is software that sits on a server and not your computer, so when you are running the s Bet Master account you don't need to have your computer on or connected to the internet.